We have the SKYE HB 101 device designed for surfacing drill pipe tool-joints. Mechanical Workshops Exalo Piła obtained a certificate and a license enabling removal of old cracked welds, reconstruction of the tool-join and reaplication of the weld, so-called hardbanding on drill pipe tool-joints using the DURABAND NC method. The diameters of the pipes we can weld are 3 ½ "to 8 ½".

Advantages of using hardbanding using the DURABAND NC method:

Excellent abrasion resistance,

The ability to protect the tool-join throughout the life cycle,

Low coefficient of friction will cause about 50% less wear of the tool-joint than without a protective coating,

By reducing the friction in the borehole, the torque during drilling decreases, which can result in a reduction of energy consumption by about 30% during the rotation of the drill column,

The purchase of a new 3000m drill pipe costs about PLN 2 million. The regeneration of a 3000m long drill pipe by hardbending costs about 100,000. PLN, saving - PLN 1.9 million.