We carry out inspections, repairs and maintanenace of subassemblies, machines and constructions for heavy industry. We have many years of experience in providing comprehensive services for repairs and periodic inspections of subassemblies of drilling and service devices as well as providing technical support for all operational problems. Our service technicians provide services both at our Workshops and at the client's.

Previous renovation projects carried out both in the country and on foreign markets such as India, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Hungary and Ukraine were carried out in accordance with the assumed time schedule while maintaining the highest quality of services.

We mainly specialize in inspections and repairs of drilling equipment, i.e.:

  • Masts and foundations
  • Drilling rigs
  • Drilling pumps
  • Drill heads
  • Pulleys fixed and movable
  • Drill hooks
  • Drilling tables
  • Caterpillar internal combustion engines
  • Top Drive devices
  • Winches
  • Drill shears
  • Deep engines
  • Vibration dampers
  • Other

The masts, and substructures of drilling and service equipment made by our surveys comply with the requirements of the API RP 4G standard, whereas the hoisting equipment with the API 8B / PN-EN ISO 13534 standard requirements. We carry out inspections and repairs of subassemblies and devices used in heavy industry, such as:

  • Vortex and piston pumps
  • Internal combustion engines and generators
  • Power hydraulics: actuators, control sets
  • Mechanical and hydraulic mixers
  • Technological machines for special use