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Mud System

Exalo Drilling S.A. completed the construction of a modern closed drilling mud  system for the newly purchased HH 220 hydraulic drilling rig . The installation was entirely designed and made by Exalo Mechanical Workshops in Piła. System consists of modular elements for cleaning  the mud, solids control, preparation and storage of drilling fluids. The constructed system includes  a set of tanks functionally connected with each other by suction and pressure lines with collectors and fittings, equipped with the necessary auxiliary devices and installations. The technical solutions used in the drilling  mud  system ensure easy and collision-free circulating  and transmission of drilling fluids between tanks. The closed mud system  has been equipped with solid control equipment , a leading producer of these devices in the oil industry. The total volume of the  system is 220 m3.

Main elements of the system:

- mud mixing system (mud hopper with centrifugal pumps) – 2 sets,

- undershale shakers tank with sand trap and trip tank,

- intermediate tank,

- suction tank,

- reserve mud tanks  - 3 pcs.,

- an independent container with solid-Control Equipment (three SWACO Mongoose shale shakers and one SWACO mud cleaner),

- centrifugal degasser SWACO CD-1400,

- waste pit  - 2pcs.


 Mechanical Workshops in Piła, part of Exalo Drilling S.A. are a producer of drilling mud  circulation systems, based on modern and proven technical solutions. The systems can be freely configured and equipped with solids control equipment , according to customer requirements.

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